Check out some of the comments from artists regarding Sknworks and their experiences

The best thing I love about Sknworks is how during the tattoo process it takes the redness away. I think it’s perfect that you can give it to your client after their tattoo for them to carry on using during the healing process

Will Blaq / Driftwood, Swansea

In Eden we all use Sknworks for before during and after your tattoo procedure.

Sknworks doesn’t make the process painless but makes the process way more comfortable for your client.

We find at Eden that Sknworks really cuts down the healing time, and you don’t get any of that horrible flakiness, not a great deal of itching to the tattoo area and it means you can just heal everything nice and quick and clean.

Sophie Earl / Eden Tattoo Studio, Stamford

There was much less redness and much less discomfort

Rigzi / Tattooist, Bath St Collective, Glasgow

After more than a decade in the tattoo industry, we finally have something that does exactly what it says on the tin: reduces redness and soothes during the tattoo process, and works as aftercare at home. I wouldn’t use anything else.

Adi Earl / Eden Tattoo Studio, Stamford

Sknworks keeps redness and irritability at a minimum, makes a more durable stencil, and soothes the worked on area. Awesome healed tattoos and happy customers

Sami Gray / Eden Tattoo Studio, Stamford

Sknworks healed one of my tattoos in 5 days, which is quite frankly miraculous as it usually takes 3 weeks! Leave Sknworks on at the end, and not only will it reduce the redness until it’s completely gone, but it stops the tattoo bleeding as much and is way less shiny! I can’t sing its praises highly enough!

Hannah Calavera / Whispering Weeds, Bristol